About Maliya

Why we do it

Buying skincare is confusing. We are bombarded with ads for new ‘must-have’ beauty products daily. We keep buying the latest ‘it’ product that promises to transform our skin and end up spending too much money on the products that we don’t really need or use.
At Maliya, we believe, it doesn’t need to be this way. Skincare can be effective and simple. Our dream was to create products that have multiple benefits and that you will love putting on your skin.

Flagship Product

Antioxidant Citrus Serum is everything you need in one bottle. It has 41 potent ingredients that will hydrate, brighten, and smooth out your skin. It also works with any product you already have in your skincare routine.

We want you to love using our products. That's why the Antioxidant Citrus serum looks great, smells refreshing (citrusy), and feels cooling when you put it on your skin.

We were working on perfecting it for a year before launch. We are partnering with one of the top natural cosmetic laboratories in the world. Our partner is US-based, FDA-registered, GMP-certified, and manufactures products for some of the most luxurious skincare brands.

Premium Packaging

We package in airless bottles to protect the serum and keep it potent for long. Airless bottles offer unique benefits, including:

  • Preventing air exposure, which protects the formula and increases shelf life by 15%
  • Minimizing waste by ensuring complete evacuation of the product
  • Avoiding spills that frequently occur with droppers and other types of pumps

+1 Tree Planted

We live in California where I’ve witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of wildfires on the forest ecosystem. Last year, in particular, we saw the biggest wildfire in history. Restoring these burned and otherwise damaged forests helps fight climate change, rebuilds healthy wildlife habitat and protects critical watersheds. That’s why for every product you buy we’ll plant a tree in an area in need of reforestation.