Vitamin C - The skincare ingredient that will transform your skin

No other ingredient makes an impact on my skin right away like Vitamin C does. If your skin looks tired and dull, make sure to incorporate products into your routine that are high in Vitamin C. Your best bets for packing a punch are moisturizers or serums rich in this essential vitamin. I lean towards serums, since they tend to have a higher concentration of potent ingredients which can really make a huge difference for your skin, and fast!

How often should I use Vitamin C products?

Wonder how people keep glowy summer skin well after daylight savings time ends? Yeah, that’s Vitamin C. Vitamin C is the most potent antioxidant that protects the skin against UV rays and environmental aggressors by neutralizing free radical damage. It also lessens the abnormal production of pigmentation so as to even skin tone and fade dark spots. Simply put, vitamin C can:

  • Brighten skin by helping restore damaged skin cells
  • Smooth texture and improve appearance of fine lines
  • Enhances skin tone and color

How often should I use Vitamin C products?

There are a few types of Vitamin C, some more irritating than others. When we created our signature Antioxidant Citrus Serum, we used ingredients that work for any skin type. With our sensitive skin friends in mind, we opted to use the less active type of vitamin C (sodium ascorbyl phosphate), aka, the non-irritating one. 

Notes on l-ascorbic acid (another type of vitamin C) →
If you have sensitive skin you should avoid l-ascorbic acid in all your beauty products, since it is a potent ingredient that can cause irritation. As far as storage goes, any product with l-ascorbic acid needs to be kept in a dark place and used up fairly quickly. This type of vitamin C is quite unstable, which means it can oxidize and lose all its properties. RIP.

How often should I use Vitamin C products?

Just like your coffee, it's a must-have in the morning! As soon as we leave the house, our skin is exposed to UV rays, and pollution, which can cause oxidative stress. Oxidative stress leaves your skin feeling and looking thinner, dry and dull. 

For brighter, smoother, healthier looking skin, we recommend using Vitamin C at least once a day, ideally in the morning after a toner. When choosing Vitamin C serum or moisturizer, look for a formula that contains other antioxidants (especially vitamin E) for enhanced results.

How often should I use Vitamin C products?

Start slowly. To keep skin happy, take a gradual approach when adding vitamin C into your daily routine. With any new product, it’s important to gradually incorporate it into your skincare regimen. We recommend starting with 2-3 times a week and working your way up to daily use.

SPF me up!

Alwayssss use sunscreen in the morning before you leave the house. Vitamin C and SPF are a match made in heaven. Together they provide extra protection from harmful UV rays.

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