Jade Rollers: How-To's and FAQs

At Maliya, we’re big believers in the magic of jade rollers, like ours. Whether you’re a beauty junkie or just developing your skincare routine, adding a jade roller to your repertoire is a skin-smart move. They’re fabulous for quickly de-puffing eyes, relieving jaw tension, lifting your cheeks, smoothing wrinkles, and even helping your beloved skincare products reach their full potential.

In this post, we’re answering some of the most common questions we get asked about Jade Rollers and how you should be using yours. Plus, Natalia gives us a simple how-to guide (and a video for extra help!)

What are the benefits of using a Jade roller?

Jade is a natural healing stone that boosts blood circulation, reduces puffiness, and helps skincare products like serums and oils penetrate the skin, making them even more effective. It can be used at room temperature, but we strongly recommend cooling it in the fridge or freezer before use. The cool stone helps relax facial muscles and further reduce puffiness.

How should I incorporate a jade roller into my daily routine?

Use the jade roller in the morning to reduce puffiness so you leave the house (or don’t) looking refreshed and glowy. Roll again at night to relax your muscles before bed and help your skin fully absorb your nighttime products for as many dreamy hours as you can get. Remember, keeping it in a cool place like the fridge or freezer will only help!

What products should I use with my Jade Roller?

We recommend using the roller with any face serum, face oil, or a mixture of both. Our Antioxidant Citrus Serum is perfectly suited for this pairing because of its hydrating, firming, and toning qualities.

Ready to roll? Check out our quick guide, or watch Natalia’s how-to video below.

How to de-puff eye area

Use the smaller end of a dual-sided roller to massage the delicate skin under your eyes, applying very little pressure. Start at the inside corner of your eye and roll outwards, as if you were lifting your skin.

How to ease jaw tension

Using much more pressure than on your eye area, massage your jaw by rolling up and down on your jawline until you feel your muscles relaxing. Make sure to put pressure on your temples, too.

How to lift your cheeks

Roll outward from the corners of your mouth up to your temples.

How to smooth wrinkles

Rollers are a tremendous tool to relax forehead muscles and smooth out frown lines in between your brows. Start between your eyebrows and apply a little pressure as you move up to your hairline. 

How to increase product absorption

Using a crisscross move as if you were making little X’s, roll all over your face keeping up a swift pace to help absorb serums quickly.

Between its unique benefits and the fact that you can use it while you watch Netflix, investing in a Jade Roller is kind of a no-brainer.

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