How To Use a Jade Roller To Massage Your Face

Why use a Jade roller?

Jade roller is a great tool for beginners. It's easy to use and can be applied in multiple ways (all while watching your favorite show).

Jade is a healing stone that boosts blood circulation, reduces puffiness, and helps skincare penetrate the skin. It can be used at room temperature, but we strongly suggest cooling it in the fridge before using it. Cold jade helps to relax facial muscles and reduce swelling even more!

There are a few ways to use Jade Rose Gold Face RollerHere is a short how-to video to help you learn them.

Jade Roller for puffy eyes

Use the smaller end to massage the skin under your eyes. Apply very little pressure as this part of your skin is very gentle! Always start at the inside corner of your eye and roll outwards, as if you were lifting your skin.

Jade Roller for tense jaw

Apply a lot more pressure to massage your jaw. Roll up and down on your jawline until you feel your muscles relaxing. And don’t forget to put pressure on your temples!

Jade Roller to lift your cheeks

Roll from the corner of your mouth to the temples. If your goal is to lift your cheeks, then you should keep your movements up and out.

Jade Roller to smooth out your wrinkles

The jade roller is a tremendous tool to relax your forehead and smooth out your frown line. Start between your eyebrows and apply a little pressure as you move up to your hairline. Do this move multiple times until you feel your forehead is more relaxed.

Jade Roller to absorb your skincare product faster

This move is fun! It's a sort of crisscrossed move as if you were making little crosses all over your face with your roller. Do this one fast to help absorb face serum quickly.

Jade Roller daily routine

Use it in the morning to reduce puffiness and look refreshed and glowing.

Use it again at night to relax your muscles before bed and help your skin absorb your night skincare quicker.

What products should I use my Jade Roller with?

Use a face serum, face oil, or a mix of both. We recommend our Antioxidant Citrus Serum because of its hydrating qualities.

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