How To Give Yourself a Spa-Level Facial Massage

Last year I did a lot of traveling, which made my skin feel dehydrated, swollen, and droopy. I tried everything to make myself feel better, but there was only one thing that really worked for me - a lymphatic drainage face massage.

Sounds bougie and expensive, but hear me out: I didn’t go to a fancy spa, and I never even had to leave my hotel room! All I needed was some facial oil and a simple how-to video.

What are the benefits of a lymphatic drainage massage?

A lymphatic drainage massage is a form of gentle massage that removes waste and toxins from bodily tissues, helping to reduce swelling around your face, neck, and eyes. It can also sculpt your jawline and lift your cheeks, which is pretty amazing.

4 Easy Moves

1. Start with your neck. Press on the points behind your jaw just below your earlobe, then stroke downwards from your earlobe to collarbone.

(This is my serious face when I'm trying to show you how to warm up those lymph nodes)

2. Cheekbones. Using your palms, first lift your cheekbones up, then move in in outward motions up toward your ears.

Lift and slide, lift and slide…

3. Jawline. Using the knuckles of only your index and middle fingers, starting from the chin moving outwards.

4. Forehead. Using your fingers, start in between your brows and stroke upwards, then follow the muscles out toward your temples.

Top Picks for YouTube Tutorials

Here are by far the best face contouring (toning your face muscles) videos on YouTube. 

If I have just a couple minutes and I need a bit of rejuvenation, I do the massage in the video below:


I try to find time to do the long version below once a week!

One key motion I don’t skip out on is massaging and lifting my cheekbones. I notice the biggest difference by focusing on this step. My skin always feels less puffy and I even think it makes my wrinkles and fine lines less visible! Face massage tips

Pro Tips:

  • When massaging your face, use upward stroking moves. Do not pull your skin downward.
  • On your lymph node/neck area, it’s super important to work outwards then down to promote drainage.
  • Apply very little pressure throughout the massage.
  • Use a facial serum or facial oil while you massage. I like to combine Antioxidant Citrus Serum with a drop or two of my favorite face oil (I’m currently using jojoba oil)
  • Make sure to drink plenty of water afterwards, since hydrating will boost the lymphatic system and helps remove bodily waste.
  • My go-to tools:

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